Still Life

A Perfect Fit copy
When the angst leaves your life it changes the vision - to seeing things more brightly. After the Gold award for the dark horses picture I will go back to that time in my head and create more - I feel that those expressions are more valid that making pretty pictures of apples and pears! Read More...

A New Life

It WAS a difficult time which is now come to an end. I took a while off to adjust to a new life on my own. Im grateful for that time though because I made pictures which were incredibly dark. At the time they were dismissed as being too depressing and black but recently I entered the BPE SRGB Exhibition and entered my new bright pictures - only to be awarded a GOLD for one of the images from my dark era. It is so true that my work is a true expression of myself - it proved to be successful in this case. I wonder if the darkness in my past makes for better images than the freer me.
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