can u make a human mouth only 4 the black cavity?

Mario Pischedda asks "can u make a human mouth only 4 the black cavity?" - Yes it is a pleasure! In return I send him one of my new "Expressionist Horses" pictures. He will post the two picture on his Blog I think. http://mariopischeddainmovement.blog.tiscali.it/

Liverpool Batala at Notting Hill Carnival

Liverpool BATALA Community Samba Band were playing at Notting Hill Carnival last weekend - surely the highlight of the year! They met up with other Batalians who came from all over the world - "An epic weekend!" Arrived on Saturday -a four and a half hour non stop parade - and then back in Liverpool on Monday for the 800th birthday pageant on Tuesday morning. If thats not enough they played again in Hope St before and after the fireworks Tues evening! Exhausted? Wow - but so happy! heh Patsy! - and thanks to the photographer who took those fab pics at Notting Hill!


Mario wants a Caryatid. His comment? ~ "bellissima, così come io la volevo" ~"beautifulst, therefore as I wanted it"

The Paintings of Tommy McHugh

Tommy McHugh was featured on a recent Channel 5 documentary. "Accidental Genius" and is exhibiting his work at the Neurosupport Centre in Liverpool until the end of August. Since surviving a double aneurysm and major stroke six years ago, Tommy has experienced "creative compulsion" - an overwhelming need to express himself in paint, paper, stone, what ever he can get his hands on. Tommy's web site http://tommymchugh.co.uk. is currently under construction. Neurosupport offers support to people with neurological conditions and brain injury - for more info see http://www.neurosupport.org.uk

Turning the Place Over. Liverpool Biennial. WOW!

The former Yate's Wine Lodge building, opposite Moorfields Station is the venue. The sculptor, Richard Wilson, has cut an egg-shaped section of the building's facade which will rotate on a pivot.( It was not working today!)

Liverpool Wall Art

Went out on another rainy day to take photographs of Wall Art aka Grafitti in Liverpool. The web link on this enormous work - by far the greatest in Liverpool - is http://www.myspace.com/stok_tct

You'll Never Walk Alone

A day out taking photographs in Anfield - home of Liverpool Football Club. Coincidentally the arrival of the new player Torres brought out the press, a lot of Spanish fans as well as the Home supporters.


from Mario Pischedda: " u r painter, i wish u transform my zelfportrétt titled "metaphisical break" in a painting...i would like to have my glasses very yellow, in contact with God.." "stupendous in future we can make together an exhibition of new paintings from my photo, i put the ph/oto/s and words and u transform in eternal paintings, together in harmony...sarebbe bellissimo!

Appleby Horse Fair

The Appleby Horse Fair is held each year by Royal Charter.
There is no concrete evidence that the Town of Appleby took up this supposed charter, as it does not exist in the public record office, many learned people have researched this claim, and none have been able to locate the said King James 1685 Charter. Billy Welch the travellers representative continues to insist that there is a charter and that he can produce a copy, but despite being challenged over the years to produce the document he has not been able to do so. So on that basis we must assume that The Appleby Horse Fair is not a Charter Fair. Some say that it arose from the scottish borderers bringing their cattle and horses to trade on Gallows Hill, now Fair Hill

Horses for auction are traditionally washed in the river and there is a plenty to see all along the main street of the town but it was also apparent that some of the horses being pulled in to the river were being cruelly treated by young boys who will be the future of the event. A horse had died as a result of being pushed under the water. The town was awash with litter and it will take a while to recover the town to its former glory.

Cwmorthin Slate Mine

A recent visit on Good Friday to the derelict slate mine at Cwmorthin (New Pictures) was the inspiration for a series of new pictures.
Cwmorthin Slate Quarry is a substantial disused underground working found on the shores of Llyn Cwmorthin above the famous slate-mining town of Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales. It is one of a number of mines that circle the town, most of which were enormous enterprises in their day. It has a long and complex history beginning in the early 1800's, though being at its most active towards the end of the 1800's. It was last worked (albeit on a very small scale) in the 1980's.: unquote. The Friends of Cwmorthin - http://www.cwmorthin.co.uk/

Abby Filer Jewellery

Abby filer is a contemporary fashion, jewellery designer - maker - Her inspiration comes from the sixties psychedelic design era, and her love of bold geometric pattern and bright colour is a constant theme throughout her designs.
Abby graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in June 2006 with a Bachelor of design and has recently set up her own workshop in Manchester City Centre from which she runs her jewellery business. Well worth a look at her website!

Southport Photographic Exhibition

Went to the Southport Photographic Society exhibition at the Atkinson Art Gallery today. The prints were brilliant - colour prints in the main gallery, mono prints in a separate gallery and digital images were being projected in a room at the side. The whole exhibition was well worth seeing and some of the work just totally inspiring. My best gold stars go to Gwen Charnock for her fantastic picture "Junkyard dog" which came first in the digital section, and to Steven Le Prevost - for four wonderful prints -his medal image chosen by Rikki ONeill, - "Walk Dont Walk". Great exhibition - good day out.

Llanddwyn Island Ponies

A day out to Newborough , Anglesey, to take photos was a wonderful day - the beach is spectacular and the light was good. There were outcrops of greenish coloured rocks which were interesting and I picked up a myriad of shells and stones of beautiful hues. .Even more rewarding, after a really long hike, was coming across a group of wild ponies on Llanddyn Island. Favourite subjects just seem to come along when least expected - - - .

Launching iDoggy.co.uk

The new website iDoggy.co.uk is ready to go!