Inspirational Photography

This is stunning photography! I wish I had taken this photograph and wish even more I owned these ponies!

Who Took this Photograph?

Love this photograph. (As soon as I decide on a new theme of work I see photographs that already “do it”!)

Painted Hands and Body art

Love this artist - he specialises in Body Art. His painted Animal Hands are just fabulous!

Ollie, Ollie, Out & Free

Heading North to Yellowstone Park through Montana and Idaho, West to Oregon,
down the coast to California across Death Valley and back through Arizona, Utah and Colorado.
5000 miles with a dog to keep you company... Lucky for Ollie, he was Pete Kelly's dog!

This is a series of landscapes taken in the American West, starting in Kansas City, Missouri.

61st Annual Open Exhibition of Photography

At the Atkinson Art Gallery in Southport you can see the Annual Open Exhibition of Photography - its a top event! My two favourites - Rikki Oneill's "Cruella" and Dianne Owen's "Red Heart" have really inspired me. Simple and "there". Thanks.

Junior Photography at the Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport

The opening of the 61st Annual Open Photographic Exhibition was held today at the Atkinson art Gallery, Southport. Congratulations to all the young people who entered the competition! It's great to see such talent at this early stage of their photographic careers! One such young photographer, Katie Kolita, was very proud of her three pictures that are on display. You can also see the winner of the Young Photography section here - along with Katie's Guinea Piggyback in more detail!

la metamorfosi