Painting Flowers in the Garden

Bought a little Chinese paper sketch book and have been painting away in the garden when the sun was out.  One of our dahlias has been amazing with flowers that are 10 inches in diameter so that was one of my subjects. it is still hard to get going and I hope the course I start in a couple of weeks will give me the discipline to do more painting - and on big paper.

Chinese Watercolour Painting

I'm going to do a course in September on Chinese watercolour painting. it is something I never did before and decided it would get me motivated to do real art again. Chinese watercolour painting is very disciplined and is meditative in nature. The brush must only make a mark that is deliberate and the calligraphy is something that all Chinese people have to study from an early age.

Canon Lens and the Birds

I always wanted to photograph birds and now it is possible thanks to a camera upgrade from Canon 400D to the new Canon 600D plus my super new lens! I bought the Canon 400mm L 5.6 after borrowing one from a friend. I have not looked back since I bought this lens in April. I love nothing more then taking the photos and now I am painting and making montages from my avocet pictures.


Feel a new theme of work coming on. It all depends on your state of mind I guess but I am seeing such energy in these tree stump shapes.
Female Form, Sentinel with Hand and Warrior Horse.