Inside an iMac

My iMac was only 2 years old and the hard drive failed -- very worrying as it was out of warranty. Lucky for me I have a photo friend who is one heck of a Mac expert and he took me to PC world to buy a new hard drive - identical to the one needed to be replaced - then a visit to B&Q to buy a pair of suction hand rails for taking the screen off the iMac. The hard drive is accessed via the front of the iMAc as the back does not open. THe whole procedure took about 3 hours. Fortunately I had backed up on Time Machine so the whole lot went back on again - including all the software which is a massive bonus. Thanks Rob!

Max Blond - Artist

A beautiful website to look at - paintings by Max Blond - Paintings from the 1980s - 2010

Max Blond was born and brought up in Liverpool. He trained at Bath Academy of Arts ,Liverpool Art School and The Slade School of Fine Art,London. During the 1970’s, 1980’s, and the 1990’s he exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions in Britain, Europe and America. In the last 15 years he has not been publicly exhibiting and he has developed an extensive body of work , the content of which, is entirely spiritual. The basis for the paintings is the deeply held belief that mankind is not just a physical entity and that any approach to trying to find solutions to and understanding of Life must include the spiritual life as equally important if not more so.

Mood Swings

Several weeks ago I started making a drawing every morning on my iPhone because it cheers me up. I start very blue and end up being colourful and happy. http://gallery.me.com/caroltipping#100199

In To The Garden

Finding it hard to Blog at the moment as don't seem to have anything exciting to tell.  Physio is the  highlight of the week!
Had a morning in the garden photoing the daffodils. Folders of pictures that aren't any use  -but its a start to be using a camera again.  Had to read the camera manual its so long since I used it!

When he came to Hoylake to do a workshop Paul Gallagher said you can be anywhere and just take photos without even moving from one spot. It's good discipline apparently. I go with that theory but I'd still rather be up there with those wild ponies in Conway - - only a predicted 11 months and will be there!

iPhone for Photos

Havent been able to photograph out there for a while now and have actually run out of viable photographs to work on so the new direction of using the iPhone  camera just around and about where ever I go has become quite exciting.

I'm very privileged as well to be a member of dot mac or should I say mobileme and it is so easy to send the phone pics up there to the web gallery and now I could share them - yes, I will send the link here!

The pictures show the mundane everyday things  - just my life at the moment in time. Pic of poor little birds in a cage at the garden centre - - click the pic above

Full Frame infra Red

Just got an infra red photo from Jonathan Hillhouse that he took of me at Flaybrick Cemetery a couple of weeks ago. He said it would be a good thing to do - IR makes the skin look white, the lips look yellow and you look like a zombie - sounds good - so - - - It was pouring with rain and very cold  - Jonathan was using an ancient plate camera and as he was only taking ONE photograph it was ultra important to get it right. The rain was coming down so hard,  I was soaking wet and Jonathan was taking for ever setting up the camera  and saying "Keep still!" I never laughed so much in ages! Brilliant day and am using the resulting pic as my avatar.