Photo Composite in the Style of H P Robinson

Was very inspired by a talk we had at Hoylake PS by Brian Law on “Pictorialism and the art of Photography”
The early photographer Henry Peach Robinson made composite photos by cutting out parts from different photos and pasting them on to another photograph which he then photographed. Hence the Photoshop terminology of Cutting and Pasting. I liked the idea of composite photos and mine was done using several different photos from a day with my family having a picnic. Of course, I used photoshop to cut and paste. I have done this before when making photomontage but this was a deliberate attempt to emulate Henry Peach Robinson and the colouring is also inspired by his Kallitypes.
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Antonio Russo Artist

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Antonio Russo, Artist, says on his website
I don’t really know if I have an artist’s statement or style, I don’t really see the need. I love painting to music and I never know what I’m doing until I look at a blank canvas, and at that point the colors, music and inspiration hit me, and it all starts to flow. Art speaks for itself, especially abstract expressionism, why should I complicate things by expounding on how or why I do what I do? I paint what I paint based on how I feel, and I try to paint from my heart. I do my best to present movement, emotion, energy, and visual excitement. I never shy away from bold colors. Color is life! Colors make people feel happy, and happiness is what life is all about. 

Have a look at his website here http://www.arussoart.com/ the vibrancy and emotion in his work is wonderful.

Ringing The Birds

March 27th/28th 2012. Nicola Edmonds is a registered bird ringer and she came to set up nets in my garden. At sunrise today a robin came in to the net followed by a black cap. Brilliant.
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